Coffee break is a very important moment during an event, but contrary to the popular belief that they provide a jolt of energy to help us make it through the day, actually, they can make us sleepier. Find out how to organize a healthy break by reading this article!

Planning a Healthy Coffee Break for Work Events Let’s be honest— following a healthy diet when at home is much easier than when out and about, whether on the road or at social and work events. One particular challenge that my patients…
Valter Longo TIME Magazine

TIME magazine names Professor Valter Longo one of the 50 Most Influential People in Health Care of 2018

Read the article and information in the USC (University of Southern California) Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. Please share!
Valter Longo

Q&A with USC scientist Valter Longo

USC scientist Valter Longo talks about how to live a longer and healthier life, what to know about fasting, aging, dieting and when you should eat In this Q&A, Prof. Longo reveals the role that food can play in keeping us young and tackles…

Red Meat Consumption Linked to Higher Risk of Endometriosis.

Red meat consumption is associated to a higher risk of endometriosis. A prospective study conducted on over 80,000 pre-menopausal women indicates that eating more than two servings per day of red meat (hamburger, beef/pork/lamb sandwich, pork,…
Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

Conversation between Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose on the fasting mimicking diet

An entertaining and informative conversation between Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose on the fasting mimicking diet and health.
Learn to cook in Italy

Healthy nutrition, cooking, food history, and Italian courses in Florence, Italy.

The Create Cures Foundation presents One Week Healthy Nutrition, Cooking, Food History, and Italian Courses in Florence, Italy. For more information please see the flyer below and contact the Create Cures Foundation Director,…